Promoting Positive Change & Self Development

At Fraga LCSW and Associates, P.A. we are committed to promoting positive relationships.

It is our belief that each person has an important role to contribute to society. Therefore, our mission is to provide appropriate support, treatment, and intervention so individuals and families reach towards their potential spiritually and psychologically.

Fraga LCSW and Associates, P.A. provides families with integrated counseling services.

We will work with your family individually or as a whole to develop better communication skills, promote positive change and development. Fraga LCSW and Associates specializes in Pediatric, Adolescent, Family and Christian Counseling.

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About Claudia V. Fraga, LCSW

Claudia Fraga obtained her Bachelor degree in Theology from Barry University, Miami Florida. She has her Master of Social Work and is Adjunct Faculty at Miami Dade College. She completed an internship at the Mailman Center for Child Development and provided family therapy through the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine – Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Her experience includes working with people struggling with substance abuse, with domestic violence as well as with families struggling with life’s daily challenges and its impact on communication. She has worked in the field since 1992.

Mercy Over Justice

The practices at Fraga LCSW and Associates, P.A. are guided by the goals and the standards set forth by the NASW Code of Ethics.