Fraga LCSW and Associates provides families with integrated counseling services in and around Miami, Florida.

We will work with your family individually or as a whole. Fraga LCSW and Associates specializes in pediatric, adolescent, family and Christian counseling.

Services Offered Include:

  • Individual (Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult)
    • College Students
    • Adolescent Walk &Talk
  • Individual Counseling beneficial with couples therapy
  • Couples
    • Premarital Counseling
  • Family
  • Christian Counseling
    • Sexual Wholeness
    • Premarital
  • Walk & Talk

Assessment & Treatment for:

  • Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar)
  • Social/Interpersonal Skills
  • Study/Life Skills
  • Adjustment to Life Changes: Divorce
  • Disruptive Behavioral Problems

Pediatric & Adolescent Counseling

Young boys and girls are constantly faced with daily challenges in these ever-changing times. Boys begin to notice their growing emotional and social needs as they mature, while young girls face similar problems also associated with the need for recognition and support. Young people as a whole, regularly deal with struggles such as substance abuse, violence, eating disorders, depression and self-harm.

As a young mind develops, emotional and physical activities are highly influenced by significant brain growth. As the brain matures, risk-taking behaviors are also on the rise. Problem-solving techniques are a positive way to evaluate an adolescent’s ability to navigate everyday situations. A young adult’s mood and perception are ever-changing. Therefore, adolescent therapy allows for a strong formation of personal identity.

Individual Counseling

At Fraga LCSW and Associates, P.A. our individual counseling begins with a process of establishing a trusting relationship between counselor and client (yourself). Within a safe and confidential environment, we allow you to discuss your challenges and your goals for the future. Our approach involves a combination of reflection and structured activities/assignments to assist your tracking in behavioral improvement.

The first three sessions involve a process of gathering information, assessing your concerns and providing recommendations. However, written assessments with diagnosis and recommendations can be provided within 24 hours when there is an emergency situation.

You should consider alternative therapists if you do not feel comfortable with someone at Fraga LCSW and Associates, P.A. It is always most important that you receive the assistance you seek.

We welcome you to the journey of spiritual and psychological discovery.

Family Counseling

A Healthy family relationship is an essential part of psychological health and an overall well being. Through effective family counseling, a full range of issues can be solved to promote family change and development.

Our family counseling sessions vary depending on the root of the issue and the situation itself. We will work with your family as a group and individually to encourage long term and healthy family relationships.

There is no issue that cannot be addressed by our family therapist.
The number of Family counseling sessions necessary for each case is different depending on the nature and gravity of family issues.

Christian Counseling

By combining Christian faith foundations with the science of psychology we can help you overcome problems, find a meaning to your life and encourage an emotional and mental balance.

Marriage & Couples Counseling

With Divorce rates well over 50%, divorce seems to have become a trend of modern times. Couples counseling addresses all issues that may be affecting a relationship to conserve the relationship and increase mutual satisfaction.

Through Couples and Marriage counseling an unlimited variety of concerns could be addressed.

The daily stresses of society, personal issues, and family-related stress can seriously affect relationships or marriages well being. Through marriage counseling and couples counseling professional techniques, we can help reconcile differences and repeating patterns of distress.

Throughout our couple therapy, we can develop and practice new communication skills, resolution of conflicts methods and parenting skills to promote healthy and long-lasting couples.

The practices at Fraga LCSW and Associates, P.A. are guided by the goals and the standards set forth by the NASW Code of Ethics.